Domestic services

Enjoy your time with family and Friends, without worrying about housework.

Home help

Service designed for people, and families with problems to cope with every day activities.

Home Services

Don´t waste your time , in Degra Services, we´ll take what you need to your home.


In Degra Services, we offer plans of maintenance made to measure, for buildings, Urbanizations, Villas, Offices, and garages.


Swimming pools

The swimming pool requires particular care during the time it is in use, and a preparation at the end of the season, that will facilitate its use when the good weather arrives.


In Degra Services, We know that the maintenance of the garden is not only important for it to look good, but also, so that trees, plants, and flowers, grow strong and healthy.


We have a highly qualified team, ready to attend the needs of our most exigent clients, building, electricity, painting, and plumbing.


Solution to specific technical issues, installation of computer networks, maintenance and installation of equipment to measure. Sale of components and peripherals.


Installation of security systems and video surveillance. Alarms, CCTV and IP cameras.

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